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Real professional Facebook broadcasting with BeLive

On of the broadcast formats on BeLive

What does it do?

BeLive allows you to create professional looking Facebook video broadcasts with Q&A, on screen updates and more.

PR Application?

Honestly, I am a bit tired of seeing badly filmed live events on Facebook. 

BeLive is the answer for your Facebook live press conferences, events, thought leader interviews and more. 

Host a live interview with a remote guest, and broadcast your face to face talk to your audience. Use split screen, picture in picture, or let your guest have the whole frame.

They have three pre-defined formats; Q&A, face to face or talk show broadcast. 


Free, 12$/month and 20$/month versions available (additional features and billed yearly plan) 

Works with?

Your mobile device - iOS and Android apps available. 

Online back end "studio" to organise your broadcast.


Very straight forward English in the dashboard.

Get it here: