Each week I’ll cover just 1 tool which could be relevant to your day to day work as a Public Relations & Communications professional.

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GifDeck - from slides to GIF in seconds...

An example of a slide deck I used at a conference in Davos, turned into a GIF

What does it do?

GifDeck turns your Slideshare presentation deck into an animated Gif in seconds. 

PR Application?

"According to Reuters, more than 84 percent of communication in 2018 will be visual"... And before you say "Gifs are not for me"... Check this out:

Dell saw impressive results from its first GIF-centered email campaign, as it measured*:

  • 6 percent increase in open rate
  • 42 percent increase in click rate
  • 103 percent increase in conversion rate
  • 109 percent increase in revenue

*check it out here in detail.

Apart from being mobile friendly and that they are much cheaper to produce than video, here are some other reasons to introduce Gifs in the context of your next PR campaign.



Works with?

Online (and in email, on your website, on your blog etc...)


The language of visual...

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