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Lightstream - a Broadcast Studio in Your Browser

In browser broadcasting to Facebook & Youtube

What does it do?

Lightstream is a fully featured broadcast studio right in your browser.

PR Application?

Thought-leadership comes in many forms; e-books, blogposts, podcast... But if you have a strong online audience on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or Mixer then it is worth looking into Lightstream.

Lightstream turns your browser into a full streaming studio without the complicated setup. All you need is your built-in webcam. You can "dial in" guests (nothing to download), integrate chat and be online in a second.

They are mobile friendly too; simply log in with your phone or tablet to start, stop, and switch scenes. Comes with a desktop client and optimised streaming servers.

Oh, and the studio allows you to add your own branding to the video stream.



Works with?

Online in your browser. Mac & Microsoft client available. 


Straightforward English

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