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CloudApp - Screen Recording, GIF & Screenshots

Advantages of ClouApp

What does it do?

ClouApp lets you take screenshots, record your screen, create GIFs and annotate them all. It also has an impressive search capability so you don't have to look for those images ever again.

PR Application?

Create visual content for presentations and pitches, for training sessions and workshops. Make explainer videos for reporters via their screen recording feature, annotate documents and graphic design.

All this in a collaborative way, together with your team. And never look for that specific image, video or audio file again; CloudApp keeps it all organised and makes it all searchable (impressive search engine).


Individual user: $8/month

Team: $9/month/user

Business; $17/month/user

Works with?

Your browser and Mac OS X & windows apps + online account.


Straightforward English

Get it here:

My CloudApp - Registration

Communicate Faster. Visually.

Explain with a screen recording. Answer with a GIF. Clarify with a screenshot.