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Gannt Charts for your Trello Boards with Elegantt

Get the complete calendar view on Trello

What does it do?

Elegannt adds the Gantt Chart view you've been missing on Trello for free.

PR Application?

You've been using Trello to plan your projects and give that Kanban feeling to your public relations operations but you're missing the big picture?

Elegannt is a freemium add on which will give you just that; a nice calendar view with project start & end dates, dependencies & milestones. 

A must for the project management oriented (aren't we all?) PR professional.


The basic version is free, $5/month (paid annually) for unlimited history, effective view, task dependencies, milestones, save as image and more...

Works with?

Via your browser as a Chrome add-on + a Trello account.


Straightforward English

Get it here: