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Control your Calendar with Meetingbird

Manage you calendar with ease.

What does it do?

Meetingbird integrates with your Google Calendar and adds many practical and time-saving features.

PR Application?

Get organised; sync your team's calendars, provide open time slots to clients and prospects and much more. 

By automatically detecting date phrases like "Are you free next Tuesday?", Meetingbird gives you a quick overview of your availability without having to leave your email.

Maps and timezones integrations make coordinating meetings across locations and timezones a breeze.

Meetingbird Meet makes scheduling with anyone as easy as sending them your own scheduling link. Robust preferences allow you to customize your available times, meeting locations, time zones, company logo, etc...


The basic version is free, $9/month (paid annually) for white label support and custom forms, $24/month for everything unlimited and dedicated support.

Works with?

Via your browser as a Chrome add-on, online via your account. Requires a Gmail Account.


Straightforward English

Get it here:

Meetingbird | The Calendar that Makes Meeting Scheduling Easy

Did you know that the average CEO reads more than 60 books per year?