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Create, publish and record Webinars with WebinarNinja

Multiple guests, a chatroom and much more...

What does it do?

WebinarNinja is a super easy to use webinar creation, publishing, and recording platform all in one. I recently used it to deliver my first self-managed webinar and it worked perfectly.

Some features:

  • High-Quality HD webinars with zero delay.
  • Upload your slides and present without needing to share your screen.
  • Create a webinar in 10 seconds flat!
  • Works on any device in the world- laptop, iPhone, Android...
  • The most powerful webinar search engine in the world- making marketing your webinar more powerful.
  • Insert a pre-recorded video during your webinar at anytime
  • Gorgeous live offers in your webinars that can be timed or triggered at any time.

PR Application?

Deliver that presentation online, invite people to attend and register, record the webinar and embed it into your website for replay. Never lose an opportunity to capture that thought leadership content and repurpose it.


From 39$/month to 199$/month depending on needed features and number of users. (but 39$ will already get you a long way)

Works with?

Your browser + online account.


Straightforward English on the dashboard.

Get it here: