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Plover: drag and drop files to anyone on any device

Everyone on the same WiFi or network will show up when you go on plover.io

What does it do?

Drag and drop files to anyone on any device as long as they are on the same wifi network. No sign-ups, no emailing, no copying links...

PR Application?

Simple and effective file transfer with your team as long as they use the same IP address as you. 

But even better; you're hosting a conference and are covering it social media-wise? Use the wifi IP address to quickly share those great pictures, status updates, even video files (2GB maximum) through simple drag & drop. Practical, fast and effective... Just how I like my tools. 

Even better, Plover does not even want your files. Your files are shared temporarily with them and they get deleted right after use.

If no one downloads it, files will be automatically deleted after 5 minutes.

Want a bit more "privacy"? Create a virtual share room for your team.



Works with?

Your browser + wifi.


Straightforward English on the dashboard.

Get it here: