Each week I’ll cover just 1 tool which could be relevant to your day to day work as a Public Relations & Communications professional.

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Narro turns your reading list into a podcast.

My latest article on the reputational risk of data breaches turned into a nice podcast episode

What does it do?

Narro automatically turns any kind of text or webpage into an audio file and generates your online player and podcast episode.

PR Application?

Sometimes you want to listen to something instead of reading it. And then there's this thing of being between people's ears which is so much more powerful than written text.

Have a regular blog, a database of thought leadership pieces? Simple, turn them into a regular podcast automatically. You can choose from over 25 voices with automatic detection of over 10 languages. Narro even extracts audio from video links.

And there's an app for that of course, a chrome extension and a smart bookmarklet to "audiofy" (I just invented that) on the fly.


Free for 2 hours/month of audio and $0.50/hour for an unlimited amount of text to audio conversions. (the paid version has a nifty RSS feed ingestion set up)

Works with?

Your browser, but also comes with an app, browser extension and a bookmarklet.


Currently, you can listen to readings on Narro in English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, and Norwegian.