Each week I’ll cover just 1 tool which could be relevant to your day to day work as a Public Relations & Communications professional.

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Descript - edit audio and video by editing text

A word processor with a play button

What does it do?

Descript allows you to edit audio and video files just like you would edit a text. It also includes automated and human transcription.

PR Application?

We all work with video and associated audio from time to time and this online service allows you to edit these files by editing text.

Upload a video file, and then edit the transcription. Changes will be replicated in your video. Same for audio files likes podcasts.

Feels a bit like magic when you use it ;-) The service also includes transcription services.


Free, 20$ and 25$/month levels with increased features as you go. All accounts include 30 minutes of transcription though.

Works with?

Your browser, but also comes with an app.


Currently, you can only work with English language files.

Get it here:


"A word processor with a play button. Get a near-perfect transcript, and edit your media by editing text. Descript makes working with audio and video fast, easy, and fun."