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Create a mobile app with Google Sheets for Free

Pretty much incredible - all this through a simple Google Sheet...

What does it do?

Glide is a platform which allows you to create and manage a mobile application via a simple Google Sheet for free.

PR Application?

Whenever your audience is likely to consume you content via a mobile phone this is simply gold.

Example; I created a basic mobile application around preventive measures against malaria. This was in the context of an African project I was working on. It took me literally 10 minutes to build the application through a Google sheet, and all this with existing content.


  • Free: unlimited apps, Glide branding, share app via a link/QR code
  • 19 USD/month : share your domain, no Glide branding
  • 99 USD/month : share app with a link, App Store* & Google Play, use your domain, email support, no Glide branding

Works with?

Your browser.


English language interface.

Get it here:

Create an app from a Google Sheet in 5 minutes, for free.Make amazing apps from Google Sheets, without writing any code.