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Video Production on the Go with BIGVU

Bigvu mobile app and desktop cloud platform

What does it do?

BIGVU is a mobile app & cloud platform which allows you to create and edit professional looking videos shot with your mobile phone.

PR Application?

Think mobile journalism and video content creation with the smartphone. With the app your mobile phone becomes a teleprompter and camera in one.

You can easily add your logo, outro with contact details and add lower third titles in different styles as well as use a green screen like the real professionals.

The cloud platform makes it easier to do post production and then share the video clips to your social accounts or download the file for offline use.

Automatic captions are also supported in Brazilian Portuguese, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Modern Standard Arabic, Spanish, UK English


  • Free  (basic plan)
  • Starter  ($9.99/mo)
  • Workgroup  ($79.99/mo)

Works with?

Your browser, your mobile phone (iOS & Android app)


English language interface.

Get it here: