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BrandMentions - Online Monitoring Tool

My dashboard on BrandMentions

What does it do?

BrandMentions is an online monitoring tool which tracks mentions of keywords & generate reports without breaking the bank.

PR Application?

Pretty obvious no?

I mean, if you can't tell me here and now what is being said about your brand, your strategic topics or your company executives across the web then you're not doing your job as a Public Relations professional.

BranMentions has all the features of the big monitoring companies but is available at a lower price. Of course this will not replace the Meltwater and Cisions of this world but sometimes you don't need the big gun all the time.

I found it to be a budget friendly and elegant way to monitor trends, influencers and topics online for most of my (niche) clients, next to their own systems already in place.

Perfect for most freelance consultants and smaller communication teams who do not want to spend a huge budget on monitoring.


  • $49/month  - (2 Keywords Tracked, 3000 Historical Mentions, 1 Project, Daily Alerts
  • $79/month - (15 Keywords Tracked, 100.000 Instant Mentions, 10.000 Historical Mentions, 3 Projects)

Works with?

Your browser (in the cloud)


English language interface - multi-lingual search.

Get it here: