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PDF Remote - Seamlessly present Everywhere

PDF Remote in Action

What does it do?

PDF Remote helps you share a presentation during virtual meetings independently of what device your viewers are on. You control the presentation from any device as well.

PR Application?

Any time you need to present to a virtual audience (through a Zoom meeting, a videoconference call or briefing) you simply upload your PDF version of your presentation and share the link (or QR code) with your audience.

Everyone will be able to view your presentation on any kind of connected device (mobile phone, tablet, PC, laptop etc...)

You control your presentation with the device where you uploaded your presentation on. I tested both viewing and presenting with my iPhone and it worked perfectly.

An additional benefit in a large room where your slides might not be so clear to see - the audience can follow on their smartphone for example.

And - for the 007's among you - the presentation can not be downloaded and once finished is deleted from the servers.


  • completely free (yep, really)

Works with?

Your browser (in the cloud)


English language interface.

Get it here:


One last thing...