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Newsroom Publishing Power with StoryChief

The power of multi-channel publishing with StoryChief

What does it do?

StoryChief is an integrated publishing platform for PR & Marketing.

With one click you can publish social media posts and blogposts/articles to many different channels. From your editor, you can publish to Website's, Medium.com, Newsletters, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Pressrooms.

The platform can even trigger employees or ambassadors (influencers?) to re-share your content on their own social networks.

PR Application?

Let's face it... A big part of our job is creating content for different online channels.

StoryChief eliminates about 5-6 tools on average. Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Evergreen scheduling, Ambassador notification tools, GDocs, Microsoft Word, Spreadsheets, PR tools, SEO formatting and more.

With this platform, PR professionals have both blogging, article writing and Social Media collaboration all-in-one tool.

Tools like this make the difference during a crisis when the one thing you never have enough of is time!


🌍 Agency set up available (gives workflow access to clients)

🌍Give feedback and approve article's and social posts' content remotely

🌍Distribute articles and social media updates to all your websites, social channels and newsletters with one click. 

🌍Plan content in the Content Calendar

🌍Gather multichannel results in one dashboard 

🌍Automatically trigger your stakeholders and employees to re-share your content on their channels to multiply your reach

🌍Revive evergreen content by scheduling social posts about the same topic for the whole year upfront

🌍Measure SEO score of your article and get SEO tips on how to optimise your content for search engines


  • Free version (good to try it out - publish 3 stories/articles)
  • $12/month - for individuals who want to easily publish multichannel
  • $24/month - for professional content teams / more advanced collaboration features

Works with?

Your browser (in the cloud)


  • English language interface
  • Integrated multi-lingual publishing and translation.

Get it here:

StoryChief: Distribute articles to multiple channels with a clickStoryChief puts everything you need to get your content marketing done in one place. Organise, structure & publish your content multi-channel.


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