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Meetfox - booking page with integrated video calls.

My Meetfox booking page

What does it do?

Meetfox is an online booking/meeting scheduler with integrated video call options and calendar management.

PR Application?

I really get crazy from those long email threads trying to find the right time to meet for an online call with clients, journalists or when networking.

Meetfox allows me to publish a public booking page where contacts can simply pick the type of meeting they would like to book (services, coaching, training sessions, or simply a catch up call).

They can see at which times and dates I am available and once they have chosen the best time for their agenda (and mine), Meetfox will automatically generate confirmation emails and all the necessary details for our online call.

It will even send reminders via SMS and has a fully fledged online meeting system (like Zoom or Google Meet).

And for someone like me who does online coaching/consulting with clients, it has a practical and straight forward integrated payment system (Stripe, invoices and Paypal).


Works with?

Your browser (in the cloud)


English language interface.


One last thing...