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MightyNetworks - the Facebook Group Alternative

On of the communities I am hosting - The Public Relations Tribe

What does it do?

MightyNetworks is a better alternative to Facebook/LinkedIn Groups to create and manage online communities. Better security, better privacy, better features and much more. And yes, there is a free version.

PR Application?

In our work it is all about the "community", be it a group of users, stakeholders, influencers, peers, professional connections etc...

Managing a community is a very intense job and the right platform goes a long way in making it easier and more practical.

MightyNetworks offers a community platform out of the box with very easy to use features like member management, easy publishing, a mobile application and even the integration of online courses and payments (for the paid version).

I have been using MightyNetworks to run The Public Relations Tribe, an online community of passionate Public Relations professionals from across the globe. The members love it and mainly use the app on their mobile to comment, read and publish.


  • All plans come with unlimited members (!)
  • Free - Personalised activity feeds for members, topics, articles and direct, messaging. Make public, private or paid.
  • $23/month - Your own web domain, unlimited moderators, charge for membership
  • $81/month - Online courses, 2,000+ Zapier integrations, premium analytics

Works with?

Your browser (in the cloud) & iOS/Android App.


English language interface but many parts can be adapted to most languages.