Reports & Conferences

Hi everyone!

This week I have a great new tool for creating interactive reports and media kits but first... A brief announcement!

On December 15, I'll be hosting a webinar about Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication (a topic I am very passionate about) and you're invited. It is free and it will also be the occasion for me to test my new virtual meeting and conference tool.

A lot has been said about crisis communication over the last year (a pandemic will do that) and risk communication has come into the spotlights and has made the news. But what is the difference, and how are these two fields of practice related to each other, if at all?

The session will have a 30 minute Q&A and it will be very interactive. You'll be able to chat with everyone on the webinar and even ask your questions on the virtual stage.

So if the topic interests you (or you just want to discover a new conferencing tool) - please join us! More in the conference section below.

Philippe Borremans  




One last thing...