When it's good, it's good...

Hi everyone,

I was so impressed this morning with yet another feature update from the amazing developers behind my online platform that I decided to put them in the spotlight here.

You might have noticed the sponsor* - New Zenler - in my newsletter. I use this platform for, well, as good as everything I do online; website, email marketing, e-learning, etc...

The founders are very involved in their product and I have never seen such a supportive team which listens to their beta users and clients and, also deliver!

If you're looking to build a (new) website, integrate online marketing features like email, webinars and more, you'll love this edition!

*Although New Zenler is a "sponsor", I do not receive direct ad placement compensation from them. I am, however, an affiliate for their beta program. Reader subscribing to New Zenler through the links in this article will receive the heavily discounted private beta pricing.

Philippe Borremans  


One last thing...

I hope you enjoyed this "longer than usual" issue of The PR Tool Schack but really wanted to cover New Zenler in more detail, as I really believe this is one of the best products I have discovered since the last 10 years.

And as I mentioned before, it is not just the product but also the founders and the support team behind it that really makes a difference.

Keep safe and kind regards,

Philippe Borremans