A great Crisis Preparedness Tool

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In this week's edition of the PR Tool Shack Newsletter I am covering a tool which is a bit of a Swiss knife for team collaboration and brainstorming.

Mural is great to visualise concepts, collaboratively work out plans and presenting to a remote group of collaborators or stakeholders.

Here I focus on just one template which is perfect for crisis communication preparedness training or can be used when reviewing those dusty crisis plans.


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Replay: Crisis2021, Covid 19 Learning and Consequences for International Crisis Communication Practice

This webinar features:

  • Professor Yan Jin of the University of Georgia,
  • Professor Matthew Seeger of Wayne State University, and
  • Dr. Andreas Schwarz of the Ilmenau University of Technology
  • Philippe Borremans, International Public Relations Association President;

They discuss early lessons learned for crisis communication from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Watch the replay here.

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