Automation & Web Services for PR Teams

Each week I’ll cover just 1 tool* or service which could be relevant to your day to day work as a Public Relations & Communications professional.

*By the way, since you are not all from the UK or the US, I’ve added a feature description on languages, indicating if the tool is available in other languages as well. 

Automate the boring stuff with Zapier

What does it do?

Zapier automates repetitive tasks and saves you & your team an enormous amount of time (agency colleagues, pay attention here and make your clients happy). Now the service is available for teams.

PR Application?

As an automation tool, Zapier connects your apps and automates your workflow, moving info between over 750 web apps automatically. This lets anyone build integrations with just a few clicks to automate tasks. 

A well set up "zap" can notify you of brand mentions, curate shareable content, organise your audiences and manage your social feed - all on auto-pilot, saving you hours of work.


Free - Automate personal tasks. Be less busy, and get more done.

20$/month - Automate your business. Turn on workflows that make any job easier.

250$/month - Automate together. Give your entire team Zapier’s most powerful features.

Works with?

Online service platform, integrates with 750 web applications.


English only (but you can use it to translate stuff automatically)

Get it here: