Each week I’ll cover just 1 tool which could be relevant to your day to day work as a Public Relations & Communications professional. Suggestions (& sponsoring) welcome!



Slidecast.io - easiest way to share slides online

What does it do?

Slidecast allows you to share slides online in a simple click. Nothing to download, just share a link. And you get stats!

PR Application?

We all create a huge amount of slides in our PR business (too many?) and want the world to see them. Slidecast.io allows you to upload your slides, hosts them online and gives you a simple URL to share with your potential audience. No software to download, just click and enjoy. Slides will adapt to any connected device and you'll receive viewer stats. 


Free - currently in beta but works well (I test these things.. ;-).

Works with?

All systems - online platform. 

PDF and Powerpoint slide upload for the moment. 


Very straight forward English.

Get it here:

Slidecast.io - present your slides liveSlidecast.io | No Projector? No problem! Slidecast allows you to present your slides on multiple devices